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KBUK – KUK Joint Statement

Dear Kannadigas

Greetings from KannadigaruUK!

We genuinely hope that you have been safe during the continued surge in the pandemic and hope for the situation to improve soon. 
As eager as we are to meet family and friends possibly for Ugadi and for Rajyotsava, you will be aware that the current ambience will not allow any gatherings for the foreseeable future. For now, we will continue our events and interactions virtually as planned. 
The lockdown has also created a unique situation wherein a few individuals and groups of Kannadigas have created online organisations which is a fantastic development within the Kannada community in UK. Whilst we accept that Kannada language, culture and heritage appertains to all Kannadigas, we take exception by the fact that some of the recently formed organisations have tried to undercut established entities such as Kannada Balaga UK (KBUK) and KannadigaruUK (KUK) that have strived to uphold their values for nearly 4 decades and 15 years respectively. There have been instances where some newly formed organisations have tried to subvert our activities with Karnataka government by claiming that they represent Kannadigas in UK.

In response to these developments, the two registered Kannada organisations in UK have put out a joint statement to clarify that we are independent entities and that we are not represented by any other organisation, locally or otherwise,  and we will emphasise our direction towards collaboration and our effort on uniting Kannadigas here in UK and on our sole intention to promote, foster and keep alive the Kannada language, culture and heritage within the communities of Kannada origin here in the United Kingdom.
Please read the joint statement here

Best Regards


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