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KUK Annual Gathering at Harrow, London

On Saturday, 23rdFeb 2019 at the Harrow Arts Centre, KUK Team consisting of EC, Event Team and Kannada Kali Teachers came together for the first time for an annual gathering to discuss various things related to KUK and Kananda Kali.

It was always a challenge to bring everyone under one roof to have a get together post the 2018 Rajyotsava. Just after the New Year, a date was fixed for everyone to meet. The response from the team was overwhelming! Over 70 adults and 40 children registered which lead to this mega day to kick-start the agenda for 15th year of KUK.  Representation was from various locations mainly London, Harrow, Hounslow, Ilford, Sutton, Milton Keynes, Ipswich, Basingstoke, Chemsford, Twickenham, Dartford, Slough, Maidenhead and Croydon was commendable. The Kannada Kali Centre teachers from Milton Keynes, Slough, Sutton and Harrow took active part in the get together.

Chief guest for the Annual Get-together was Mr AS Rajan, minister coordination from High Commission of India in London.  Mr Rajan interacted with the team and provided insight into the various initiatives taken by the High Commission. He also highlighted the effort taken by KUK in hosting a community event in India House back in May 2018 and requested the community members and especially the women to take up active role in UK politics. The KUK Executive committee felicitated Mr AS Rajan.

The highlight of the day was Kananda Kali.  Since 2008, Dr Mukyamantri Chandru (then Pradhikara President) kick started the Kannada Kali Program from KUK, there has been a great movement over the years to spread Kannada Kali across many places in UK.  Under the Kannada Kali leadership of Mrs Shraddha Karthik, the team has worked closely with Kannada Pradhikara to get the official textbooks to UK. Today, all the Kannada Kali Centres are following the new syllabus provided by Pradhikara.  More importantly, thanks to Shivakumar from Milton Keynes who has developed a dedicated Kannada Kali Portal for KUK which allows us to on-board Kannada Kali centres, teachers, parents and kids with various online features.  In the presense of various centre representatives and Kannada Kali Teachers, Shraddha presented the KUK Kananda Kali initiative and demonstrated the new Kannada Kali Portal. With the new portal, we are expecting that every KUK Kaannada Kali centre will benefit and any new centre can be on boarded quickly.

In addition to Kananda Kali, the team was updated about the forthcoming events in 2019.  For more information about the forthcoming events, visit the URL -> https://www.kannadigaruuk.com/events-2019/

Many thanks to all the Event Team members, Kannada Kali Teachers and their family for your time and support extended to KUK.  If anyone from the community wishes to join the KUK Event Team, please feel free to write to events@kannadigaruUK.com

Best Regards

Admin, KUK

Picture Credit: Praveen Katta (KUK Events Team)

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