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Nandanam – Hindustani Concert across United Kingdom – Booking Information

Open to all Music Lovers

An evening of Hindustani music with Vocal, Santoor, Sitar and Flute accompanied by Tabla & Harmonium  by resident Guruji’s of  S S Vidwan Memorial School of Indian Classical Music based in Hubli, which will premiere its first international concert  at The Bhavan, London followed by subsequent shows in Milton Keynes, BasingstokeManchester and Edinburgh from 11thMay 2019 to 26th May 2019.

Hubli-Dharwad and its surroundings bring out so many musicians. The Dharwad Gharana – Hindustani  classical music’s southern home.  Karnataka – a state in India that has successfully been a home to both Hindustani and Carnatic genres of music.  Similarly S S Vidwan Memorial School of Indian Classical Music  is continuing  the legacy of nurturing  both North and South Indian Classical Music. 

The performing artists include:

Pt Sacchidanand Desai,comes of a family of talented performers of Hindustani Sangeet. 

An outstanding Hindustani vocalist with career span of three decades.   While his forte is Khayal, he is equally adept at lighter forms of hindustani classical musicincluding regional “Dasa & Vachana Sahitya Gayana”.  A dedicated teacher, devotes himself to teachingstudents of all age-group. Due to his great rendering of “aruna raga (morning tune)”, popularly known as Pt Arun Desai Guruji.

Pt Keshav Malvi  is a  Santoor & Sitar player.Born into an exceptional Musician-lineage, was introduced to music at the age of  four years.   He has received training and guidance from santoor maestro Pt Shivakumar Sharma. An ‘A’ grade artist of the Indian radio and television network.  His improvisation on the shape and string arrangements produces a deep soulful classical music which touches the soul – be it of a connoisseur or that of a common man!

Shri Harish Kulkarni,  a Flautist and prolific performer.  He has received his training from renowned Flautist in Kirana & Gwalior Gharana styles. He has deeply spiritual approach to music and life.  He has an engaging style and is able to reach out and communicate with audiences of all backgrounds. His style is characterized by scintillating fast taans, mastery of the meditative alaap, and brilliant fluency of melody (raaga-bhava), while remaining true to tradition.  He has been imparting intensive training to several young aspirants grooming them into performers and teachers.

Shri Shrihari Diggavi,   is a brilliant and highly regarded Tabla player.He has conceived and participated in various musical collaborations and accompanied the leading musicians of Karnataka & Maharashtra. He performs regularly in concerts  and is the recipient of several prizes and awards including the Young Performing Artist.

Shri Krishna Patil,  a versatile harmonium player.   Over his illustrious career spanning four decades, he has performed in a number of prestigious concerts, festivals and events in India and accompanied the greatest of artists.

For Bhavan concert tickets, please visit the link below


For more details on the school, please visit https://www.gurukumarmemorialtrust.org/Music+Teachers

We request everyone from the community to please plan to attend and support this unique tour from the eminent artists and spread the word  to your friends in wider Indian Community.

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