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Kannada Rajyotsava 2018 Announcements

Hello Friends
Hope you all had a great Gowri & Ganesha festival.
The Kannadigaru UK Event Team is continually working towards improving the experience of Rajyotsava 2018 for all of us.
We take this opportunity to update all of you on the Rajyotsava 2018 event.

Extension to Early Bird Offer

Last week we had glitches on our website and many of you couldn't complete registration for the early bird offer. Hence, the Early Bird offer dead line is now moved till 25th September 2018. Please do take advantage of early bird offer. There are also Group tickets which provides great savings.


The committee has decided to provide help on the parking. If you prefer driving to the venue, please use the nearest Car Park (Upper Street Car Park, 2 Berners Rd, N1 0PW- map below and we would reimburse 50% of the Parking Fee.
For instance -  if the all day parking costs £15, we make arrangements to pay you back £7.50 to you.
This is a big step for us and we are sure you would appreciate this. There are enough parking slots and you can always drop off passengers in front of the venue and park @ the suggested location. It's only few minutes walk.
It's best if you could take public transport and go Green. 

Evening Dinner - Included Now

Looking at the program list, we may finish the event around 7pm. And it would be unfair without dinner. Hence, it's now decided that Night Dinner would be provided to all. You can choose to eat them @ venue or take the packed dinner as well. Entirely your choice.
All of these are extra bits that's added now and NO Change in the Participation fee.
The invitation will be updated with these information and re-circulated for extra clarity.
Also will keep you informed on all the developments and updates.

Avail the Early Bird Offer before 25th September 2018

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