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Rajyotsava 2018 – Update

Dear Friends,
The Kannadigaru UK Rajyotsava 2018, is taking shape in full swing as we speak.
The cultural programme team has now finalized the items to be presented on stage. Most of you have received confirmation email by now. Few of you may have not had chance to perform on 3rd Nov. It wasn’t easy choice and we had to go with the blending. There are plenty of variety for the day and we are sure we will all have great time on 3rd Nov, Rajyotsava day.
The slots are now Closed and please do not send any request for performing on stage. (Of course, we will have entries open soon for the Vasantotsava next spring).
Please accept our sincere THANKS for taking time to respond and get involved.
We are literally 7 to 8 weeks away from the event.  The event related activities has gathered pace.
We really appreciate your involvement in the Events Team. If you would like to volunteer your services to the event, please get in touch with us by writing to events@kannadigaruuk.com, and there will surely be a role you can play to make the event successful.
At the end of the day, it’s like having family feast. We are all hosts and guests at the same time. What say?
Please don’t forget to book your places for the event. And request you to use the Early Bird Offer advantage.
In the meantime, please check our Facebook page for the Artist’s messages and video and other event related material. Let’s keep in touch.
KUK Events Team
On behalf of Kannadigaru UK

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