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KUK Ogranisation Announcement

Dear Friends,

We are very pleased to introduce our new KannadigaruUK (KUK) organisation structure for the year 2018 to 2020 that will steer its activities relating to the promotion of Kannada Culture, language and education in the UK.

We take this opportunity to announce that the KUK Executive Committee has elected Mr Pavan Mysore as the Chairman for the term May 2018 to April 2020 who would manage the operations of the organisation and lead the team to take KUK to the next levels. Pavan has been very instrumental in leading KUK to higher levels from ground zero during initial years of KUK.  We welcome him back to nurture the organisation close to his heart with his ever-growing passion for Kannada.  We wish him all the success in his new role with KUK.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Mr Ganapati Bhat who led KUK for the last two years to make KUK a household name in the UK, provide more visibility among Kannada, other communities/organisations in the UK and in Karnataka, creating new partnerships with business establishments/media/authorities and for being a motivational force behind the expansion of Kannada Kali initiative. He will still continue to contribute with whatever he has been doing now but will not be in a position to continue leading due to his increased responsibility at his work front. We once again thank him for all his passionate contributions.

The key Executive Committee Members:

  1. Pavan Mysore (Chairman)
  2. Vinay Rao
  3. Ganapati Bhat
  4. Anilkumar Kondebettu
  5. Vivek Hegde (India)
  6. Arun Raghavendra
  7. Rajesh K
  8. Naveen HK
  9. Ravi Bikannavar 

The key Extended Executive Committee Members

  1. Girish Prasad
  2. Basavaraj Devashetty
  3. Venu Bharadwaj
  4. Ambarish Bangalore

KUK Events Team

  1. Arun Patil
  2. Gopi Ashwath
  3. Pavitra Bangalore
  4. Rashmi Manjunath
  5. Chetana Bhat

We take this opportunity to welcome more life members of KUK to join the team from various locations in UK to  be integral part of the KUK organising team. The names will be published/updated from time to time on our website.  

Best Regards

Admin, KUK

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