Introduction to Freedom Mortgage & Insurance Services

Dear Friends,
We are extremely thankful to Freedom Mortgage and insurance services for the Annual GOLD Sponsorship to KannadigaruUK. Freedom Mortgage and insurance services is a whole of market advisory services which deals with all the banks and building societies in the United Kingdom – It is a completely independent advisory firm working hard to make sure its clients can benefit from impartial advice for no fee!
Freedom mortgages can help our members secure the best deals with banks for property purchase, or if your remortgage is due they can help with securing the best remortgage deals. The firm is an expert in helping its members secure buy to let properties and even raise capital for property purchases.
The firm is run by very experienced mortgage advisors with more than ten years of experience supported by an extremely capable support team. Kindly get in contact with the contact number on the flyer for any specific advise. They will also be having a dedicated stall on theVasantotsava event on 14th April 2018!

Welcome on board Freedom Mortgage and insurance services!

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