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Welcome to Kannada Kali Harrow/Pinner


Dear Friends,
It’s amazing to see such an overwhelming response to Harrow/Pinner Kannada Kali program! Thanks to everyone involved in organising and thanks to all those volunteer teachers and you all very proactive parents.

For your info, Pinner/Harrow is the pioneer in starting Kannada Kali long way back. It was our vision to make sure that our next generation kids keep in touch with our language and culture. KannadigaruUK (KUK) had taken the first time initiative of launching Kannada Kali program in UK in Pinner/Harrow and now we are proud to let you know that there are 3 other centres successfully running Kananda Kali sessions mainly Basingstoke, Slough and Ilford. There are number of queries coming from other locations to start the initiative.

Kindly spread the word amongst your friend circle and pass on the information about KUKs initiative of promoting Kannada through Kannada Kali in various locations! For more details, please contact our Kannada Kali Team (kannadakali@kannadigaruUK.com)

Very warm welcome to you for the new beginning of Kannada Kali Session and wish you Happy Makara Sankranti!!
Best Regards

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