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Dear Friends,
We are very pleased to introduce our new KannadigaruUK (KUK) organisation structure for the year 2016 to 2018 that will steer its activities relating to the promotion of Kannada Culture, language and education in the UK.
We take this opportunity to announce that the KUK Executive Committee has elected Mr Ganapati Bhat as the Chairman and Mr Anil Kondebettu as the Vice Chairman for the year 2016 to 2018 who would manage the operations of the organisation and lead the team to take KUK to next levels. We wish them both all the success in their new role with KUK.

The key Executive Committee Members:
1. Ganapati Bhat (Chairman)
2. Anilkumar Kondebettu (Vice Chairman)
3. Vinay Rao
4. Vivek Hegde
5. Virupaksha Prasad
6. Arun Raghavendra
7. Vijendra Kalalabandi
8. Rajesh K
9. Suryaprakash Shastri

The key Extended Executive Committee Members:
1. Girish Prasad
2. Naveen HK
3. Basavaraj Devashetty
4. Chandan AC
5. Dr Ramachandra

We will also have a new KUK Events Team consisting of individuals from various locations in UK to be be integral part of the KUK organising team. The names will be published/updated from time to time on our website.

KUKTalkies is the one and only movie initiative of KUK that actively promotes Kannada films and film artists here in the UK.

Background – About KannadigaruUK (KUK)

KannadigaruUK (KUK) is a registered entity in the United Kingdom (bearing registration number 06704767) , incorporated as a Community Interest Organisation with an intention to promote Kannada culture and language in the UK. To achieve this, KUK organises social, cultural, educational, recreational and other community activities, and also holds celebrations in which Kannada speaking people are interested. KannadigaruUK is a not-for-profit organisation and any surplus made from the events are ploughed back to the community by utilising it for the Kannada development activities such as Kannada Kali or for the future events. KUK also aims to bridge cultural relationship among Kannada speaking people all over the United Kingdom and wider Europe. KannadigaruUK has been in operation since 2005 serving the Kannada community here and legalised its existence in 2008.
Our mission is to promote, foster and keep alive the Kannada culture, heritage and language within the communities of Kannada origin. In this direction we have been organising Kannada Kali Classes, cultural events such as Rajyotsava every November, Ugaadi Festival, 10th Year Anniversary -Dashamanotsava, World Kannada Conference – Vishwa Kannada Sammelana etc in and around the London city.

There are number of events planned for the coming next two years and we sincerely hope the new team will gain support from everyone from the UK Kannada Community! Join me in congratulating and wish every success for the new team!

With Kind Regards,
Vinay Rao
for KannadigaruUK

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