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BIG Thank You to all who made Dashamanotsava a great success

Dear Kannadigare,

First of all, KannadigaruUK wishes to say  a BIG Thank You to all those who participated in the “KannadigaruUK’s Dashamanotsava 2014” event and made it a Huge and Grand Success!!!! It was a fully packed, Houseful show with  more than 700 guests attending the event and all the seats were sold out. Without your support and participation we couldn’t have delivered the event at this scale. You have been always our inspiration to bring the cultural extravaganza year after year.

All our VIP artists were overwhelmed with the love, encouragement and involvement you showed to them during the event. They are immensely impressed with the Kannadiga crowd that was so anxious to see their favourite celebrities and share some sweet moments. We whole heartedly thank Yash, Gurukiran, Vinayak Joshi, Krishne Gowda, Anuradha Bhat, Chetan Sosca, Drummer Deva, Solomon, Stephen, Ganesh and other artists for being part of KUK’s Dashamanotsava and entertaining all present on the day. Our special thanks to Mimicri Dayanand and Joel of Bevin Exports to help get this program together.

We thank local talents and other artists who contributed to the success of the event with their active participation and for putting up a very impressive show equally.

We also thank all our sponsors who contributed to this event, our sponsors include Infosight Consulting, Brown & Burk, Purvankara, Asset India, DAIMS Jewellery, HDFC Homeloans, Punjab National Bank, Salarpuria, UAE Exchange, Akshar & Co, Dr Krishna Prasad Shetty (Prasad Netralaya), Harish (Kaveri Restaurant) and SciFi Animations. We also extend our gratitude to supporting organisations such as Kannada Balaga UK, NAVIKA, Irish Kannada Sangha, VSUK,  Dhruv Arts and GBSRSB.

It was a pleasant surprise to have Mrs.Sudha Murthy  and Nanda Kumar (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan), we are humbled by their passion for Kannada and participation. KUK thanks both of them.

We are grateful to Xplor travel agents in Bangalore for processing visas, tickets and other formality so efficiently.

Volunteers have always been the backbone of KannadigaruUK’s event, we would like to express our gratitude to all of them too. We also thank Dr Neeraj Patil for his help and support. 

Thanks to Brindan for sound and lighting and Bansuri for their catering partnership.

We always attempt to bring the best of the best programmes to you and see that you spend a quality time enjoying our Kannada language and culture. It is our honest attempt to create a Kannada environment here and get all the Kannadigas together. However, there may be lapses, omissions and mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.  We whole heartedly apologise if it had affected you, offended you or made you frustrated.


With Warm Regards,


KannadigaruUK Team

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