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KannadigaruUK Chippenham Chapter Celebrates Deepavali

Dear Friends,
It was a memorable day for kannadigas in and around Chippenham yesterday (2nd November ) as KannadigaruUK’s Chippenham Chapter was lunched with a big bang of fireworks and celebrations. Another milestone in the KannadigaruUK’s history of spreading Kannada language and culture to every corner of the UK, its attempt to extend its reach wide and out to all kannadigas of this country.

The Chippenham chapter lead by Vinaykumar Sugur was launched yesterday with colourful cultural activity studded Deepavali Celebrations making another additions to the chapters list of KannadigaruUK. It was an auspicious and festive day to open a chapter, we couldn’t have asked for more with Rajyothsava and Deepavali occurring back to back. The event started at 6pm in the evening with welcome note by Vinaykumar Sugur. This was followed by some performances by children which captivated the hearts of attendees there. Vivek Hegde, the chairperson of KannadigaruUK addressed the gathering, explaining the objectives of KannadigaruUK and its attempt to reach out to kannadigas in every part of the UK via chapters.

The gathering had an opportunity to visit the fireworks nearby organised by the local council. What a coincidence, the local council becoming part of Chippenham chapter’s Deepavali celebrations, indirectly though! The celebrations resumed at the main venue with some more performances.
The event was topped up with delicious and sumptuous dinner which was followed by networking activity.

The current list of KannadigaruUK chapters with contact details are follows. Kannadigas in the respective regions may please contact them to get involved and to participate in local or KannadigaruUK level activities. Also, if you think there are a significant number of Kannadigas in your area and having a KannadigaruUK chapter would help promote Kannada language and culture there please contact us on admin@kannadigaruUK.com.

Chapter location – Lead
Reading and Lower Earley – Basavaraj Devashetty
Watford – Rajesh K
Basingstoke – Ganapathi Bhat
Stains – Chandan A C
Brighton – Ramachandra
Southampton – Anil Kodagalli
Coventry – Kiran Sundar
Chippenham – Vinaykumar Sugur

KannadigaruUK Team

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