About KUK

In the year 2004, few families in Reading decided to celebrate Rajyotsava. The single motive then was to get all the Kannadigas we knew under one roof and enjoy the occasion. We have been celebrating Kannada Rajyotsava and Yugadi festivals since then. It started growing bigger, better and stronger. In the year 2006, we started the group in Yahoo Groups Kannadigaru UK. Many people signed up for this and now we not only have a huge subscriber base of Kannadigas but also run various Kannada Kali Groups and KannadigaruUK WhatsApp bulltetins reaching out to many Kannadigas across UK.

Our Objectives

Following are they key objectives as defined in the organisation’s charter.

  1. Promote Kannada Language and Culture in United Kingdom 
  2. Establish working links and relationships with charitable institutions, Private companies, Public Companies, Cultural associations, Government and non-Government organisations to promote Kannada Language and Culture in the United Kingdom 
  3. Carry out trade and business with the other companies in and outside of UK either directly or visa world wide web  (e- Biz), which we deem to benefit the Kannada Community 
  4. Host community festivals, sports, cultural and entertainment events solely or in partnership with other institutions in the UK to satisfy the Kannada Community 
  5. Raise funds from Donations, Memberships and Affiliations and re-invest to the development of the community 
  6. Raise profits from possible trade(s) and businesses carried out under this company name, and reinvest in the community 
  7. Accept Voluntary donations from individuals or institutions which helps to carry out and achieve our stated objects
  8. Release or publish organisations magazine (fortnightly or monthly or any periodical) as the company deem fit for the benefit of the community 
  9. Involve with community services lead by the local communities and authorities in the UK and contribute constructively 

Our Partnerships

We would like to be a complimentary organisation to other Kannada Groups in UK like Kannada Balaga UK (KB UK) who are here as a registered charity. We will also work with many other Kannada groups across UK and Indian Cultural organizations like Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kalapremi, and Arts Council UK etc who encourage our noble cause. In addition we work closely with the Indian High Commission in London, NRI Forum and Kannada Abhivruddi Pradhikara from Karnataka Government. With this strong partnership, we will forge ahead to achieve our vision.

The Organization will not be motivated by profit or commercial gain. The main objective is to promote Kannadatana in UK kannadigas. And we welcome everyone humbly with open arms, who wish to contribute to this cause in any capacity.

In short and long term, Kannadigaru UK will closely work with the cultural organizations in UK and India enabling us in bringing talents to the UK to entertain our people. In the mean time we will groom our children and adults to learn and appreciate our culture and heritage. We feel that in spite of our contribution to local governance and local businesses Kannada Community in the UK has not earned the distinctive recognition like other Indian communities. We would like to reach that stage where local people & establishments recognise us as a force. We plan to achieve this by working with local establishments and serving local communities by organising Social Exchange Programmes, Blood Donation Camps, Volunteering and Charity Activities. This will bring goodwill and pride to our community.

We will encourage all Indian and non Indians alike to appreciate our culture by educating them about us through variety of programmes.