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Beloved Kannadigas,

Many of you may already be aware that Kannadigaru UK is a non-profit organisation founded primarily to promote Kannada language and culture in the UK.  It has made sincere efforts to bring Kannadigas in the UK under one roof and provide platform for the Kannada fraternity to exchange views, display their talents and experience our culture & entertainment so that all are in touch with Kannada language, culture and heritage. You all have been encouraging Kannadigaru UK right from the inception by attending all its events like Rajyothsava, Ugadi, Vasanthothsava, musical concerts and movie shows.

Kannadigaru UK is highly indebted to your continuous support. In return we want to promote and encourage your participation in Kannadigaru UK events and in Kannadigaru UK itself. And we would like to recognise your loyalty and belongingness by offering you the subscription to  membership services. We have major plans chalked out for the betterment of Kannada language, Kannada culture and Kannada community in the UK . So it is time for you to get involved. Your involvement will give us added strength and impetus to bring more community services and to represent the community at various platforms, forums and authorities/organisations .

 Member Benefits

Naturally, the members will enjoy many privileges and preferences.  Here is an initial list of member benefits.  We will be adding many more benefits as we go along.

  1. Members will enjoy discounts and priority entry for all Kanndigaru UK events and programmes
  2. Members will get an opportunity to meet and share some moments with dignitaries invited by Kannadigaru UK
  3. Members will be given concession in fees for Kannada Kali or any other classes conducted by Kannadigaru UK
  4. Members will benefit from any commercial deal secured by KannadigaruUK for concession in  fair, fees or price with any organisation for its members.
  5. Members will have access to secure forums and sections in KannadigaruUK website that require login when these facilities come into force in the future. 

Terms and Conditions.

  1. Life Membership including introductory offer does not require any renewal 
  2. Members are eligible for all the benefits mentioned under member benefits. KannadigaruUK will have all rights to amend or withdraw any member benefits unilaterally if not appropriate.
  3. KannadigaruUK can revoke or terminate any membership including life membership if it thinks that the member’s activities are detrimental or conflicting to the KannadigaruUK’s interests.
  4. Members are only subscribers to KannadigaruUKs community services or other offerings and do not hold any stake in the KannadigaruUK’s administration or corporate matters.  Members do not gain any ownership in the KannadigaruUK. 

Kannadigaru UK Life Membership Subscription

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  • Please use above cart to select, pay and register for KUK membership
  • Please forward the order confirmation email that you then receive, to membership@kannadigaruuk.com and mention your contact address, phone number and email address (if different from the one that you emailed us).

For any further details or help regarding KUK membership, please write to membership@kannadigaruuk.com